A Community for Makers

Solder and Bubblegum is a Community Makerspace.

It’s a place where people of all ages (not just kids!) can attend workshops and clubs to learn more about electronics, video game development, cosplay and all sorts of other nerdy stuff.

It’s a small but growing Makerspace, where you can come in and use the community tools and equipment to build whatever you are dreaming about, possibly find some advice from others who build similar projects, and definitely find some camaraderie while you work.

We have lots of big plans for what Solder and Bubblegum could grow up to be, and if you come and join us for the launch event, you can learn all about it! 

Blaster Modding

Nerf Modding Classes, Kits, and Blaster Tag Events

Tabletop Gaming

Resin printed miniatures, mini painting and terrain building, and RPG workshops


Incorporating simple electronics into papercraft projects and building play structures out of cardboard

Game Development

Classes in game development, coding, useful development tools, and a game developers’ meetup event

Building Skills and Community

Being a maker can be a difficult hobby to get started. When we first started building things, we really wished that there was a place to get a kit that had everything we needed to build our first couple of projects, or a place where we could just drop in and pick up a couple of components we forgot (or burned up – oops!) We were looking for an actual person who we could ask “I want to make a thing like *this* – where should I start?”

Solder and Bubblegum is intended to be all of those things for people just getting started – supplies, tools, simple instructions and someone friendly to help you get started – none of us is born knowing this stuff! 

It doesn’t end there though – even when you get to the point where you feel like you probably know what you are doing, it can be really helpful to be in a space where you can talk through whatever you are trying to build with other makers, or just keep each other company while we work, or have a space to show off what you have built when you drop that last piece into place and it *finally* works just right!

Resin / 3d Printing

Workshops for learning more about 3d Printing, troubleshooting your printer, design for filament and resin printing and project time in the makerspace


Prop-making out of EVA foam, resin, 3d printed components and electronics along with sewing, leatherwork, altering existing costumes and more


Learn to solder, work with microcontrollers, project time with soldering stations and a regular project show and tell meetup

Build Your Ship's Stats
Learn to Model and Print Your Ships
Bring Your Fleet to Game Night Events
Have Fun!

Help Grow the Makerspace!

We are at the beginning of this adventure. We have a modest collection of equipment and a fantastic workspace in which to use it.

We are hoping to build up a community of makers to help us grow the Makerspace and make decisions about which direction to go as we acquire new equipment and tools.

What do you want to build?

Help Us Make a Difference through our Build the Circuit program

Our Community Leadership

Mary Sturgeon
she / her

“It isn’t about being good at making things, it’s about getting good at not giving up.”

Gawen Sturgeon
she / her

“If you don’t figure out how the goose got in the freezer, it’s just gonna happen again.”

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If you want to stay up to date on the very latest happenings with Solder and Bubblegum, you can join our Discord community. That’s where we’ll share news, events, places where you can find us getting out the word and more!